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Learn more about IAA membership and its responsibilities and benefits

The institute has a Constitution and controls the professional standards and conduct of its members by means of a code of conduct and a Disciplinary Procedure. 

The Institute operates under the control of the President, Vice President, Secretary and Executive Committee drawn from its members.

Code of Conduct

  1. In view of the high degree of responsibility of the assessors work, only the highest standards of professional skill and etiquette are regarded good enough for the profession.
  2. The relationship between the assessor and his Principal(s) is one of trust and confidence calling for the highest degree of good faith in all transactions.
  3. He must, at all times, preserve independence and integrity and shall so act as to promote public confidence in the profession through conscientious and fair dealing.
  4. An assessor shall not attempt to gain any advantage in the conduct of his profession otherwise than through his ability.


Membership to the Institute of Accident Assessors (IAA) provides you with the unique opportunity to interact with your peers who represent various Leading Insurers and Independent Loss Assessing Companies . 

The regular and on going interaction is distributed via two channels . 

The IAA holds Monthly meetings with topics specifically directs the assisting the motor assessor working in the field, these sessions can be delivered by hands on approach or discussion dependant on the topic selected for the meeting . 

Delivery is also available via this Web site where you have access to past and present information from previous meetings . 

No other professional body that targets specifically Motor Loss Assessors interests exists within New South Wales . 

Membership of a Professional body such as the IAA is recognised by many leading Insurers, Solicitors and the Courts . 

The Insurance Industry code of Practice directs motor assessor must hold the necessary skills to perform their function, membership of a professional body as the IAA provides the assurance that you have been tested and are qualified on those skills. 

Membership is supported by the fact that only persons that process the necessary skills to act a motor loss assessor can obtain a IAA Licence . 

The IAA is the only body within New South Wales that has a licencing program in place.


  1. To maintain and enhance the prestige and status of the profession
  2. To uphold the integrity and reserve the independence of Loss Assessors
  3. To uphold the standard and to provide for the effective control of the professional conduct of Loss Assessors.
  4. To promote skill, efficiency, service and responsibility of the profession
  5. To establish and maintain high standards of education and knowledge
  6. To regulate the exercise of the profession
  7. To represent generally the view of the profession and to promote the common interest of the members of the profession.
  8. To co-operate, liaise with or make representations to such other authorities, societies, corporate bodies or persons as in may deem fit.

Institute of Accident Assessors Directors

Mr. Phillip Nixon

I.A.A Certificate No: 2064

Mr. Mark Thomas A.I.A.A.

Vice President
I.A.A Certificate No: 2282

Mr. Anthony Martin

Membership Committee
I.A.A Certificate No: 2059

Mr. David Ross Scobie

I.A.A. Certificate No: 2068

Mr. Jim Paterson

Vice President
I.A.A. Certificate No: 2067

Mr. Steven Ware

I.A.A Certificate No: 2492

Mr. Peter Hartman

IT & Web Committee
I.A.A. Certificate No: 2021

Victorian Branch Committee Members

Mr. David Naday

I.A.A Certificate No: 2497

Mr. Dominic Cambareri

Deputy Chairman
I.A.A Certificate No: 2502

Mr. Adrian McKnight

I.A.A Certificate No: 2509

Mr. Mark Lennox

Membership Committee
I.A.A Certificate No: 2364